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We are a community of girls and learning coaches who are committed to cultivating valuable, relevant skills and igniting our individual growth in mind and heart. We are curious learners, and we aspire to become our fullest and best selves.

What we doThink with Heart designs, delivers and facilitates online learning experiences. High school girls gain valuable insight from experts in the social sciences, learn valuable skills, practice reflective thinking and writing, and apply new knowledge to "real life" situations.

The course offering and related resources support us in living connected, meaningful lives. We are striving to:

  • enhance our connections with others,
  • grow our capacity for empathy,
  • discover our personal preferences for processing information and interacting with the world around us,
  • build on our "signature" character strengths,
  • increase our self-confidence,
  • monitor and manage emotions, and
  • strengthen resilience skills.

If you are interested in taking an online course, please visit the Courses & Workshops tab. If you prefer to browse our site to learn more about this community, please feel free to click around! 

 Expanding our minds. Engaging our hearts.