About Courses and Workshops: Overview

Think with Heart courses consist of a three-part foundation course, CORE (Connection and Communication, Orientation to Self-Awareness, Resilience and Adaptability, and Emotional Intelligence) and workshops that delve more deeply into topics introduced in the CORE course. Each section of CORE is 10 weeks long, and workshops can be completed in 3-5 weeks.

CORE is a three-section (30 weeks total), online course offered to ninth, tenth and eleventh grade girls. It is designed to be less time-consuming than other academic courses, and it is structured to involve peer-to-peer learning through a discussion-based format. An important dimension of CORE (and workshops) is a positive and supportive learning environment. The intellectually rich content is organized in a way that allows students to explore perspectives from a variety of researches and experts in social science fields. And the learning activities, while challenging, are intended to be fun!

Girls who have participated in CORE courses share that they benefit from the online learning format: the girls value the flexibility, they develop higher order thinking skills through reflective writing, and they appreciate a comfortable learning environment. The online design has proven to be especially valuable to girls who prefer to take time to process information and express themselves in writing rather than verbally in group settings.

Please visit the Course Schedule for upcoming course offerings and the Who Should Enroll tab for more information on CORE and the application process.


Think with Heart is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and generous philanthropic support enables Think with Heart to design and provide courses to high school girls at no cost to them.

To learn more about the sections of CORE and available workshops, please visit theĀ Course Descriptions.

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