Overview of Courses

All Think with Heart courses are 100% online, and while most are asynchronous (learning does not occur in the same place or at the same time), the courses progress in “real time.”

Think with Heart's course design has space designated for facilitated group discussion so that deeper learning and understanding can take shape. It is also in the facilitated online discussions where we have opportunities to apply skills such as active listening, empathic perspective-taking or self-monitoring for cognitive biases.

The online reflection-discussion design encourages us to slow down and think about our interactions with others, our emotions, and our ongoing discovery of ourselves. Learning coaches encourage supportive and thoughtful student-to-student interaction, during which we apply and practice skills that lead to enhanced relationships with others, thus bringing more meaning to our everyday lives at school.

Curriculum Overview

Think with Heart’s course offering includes a one-year foundation course, CORE, and several workshops. CORE has three parts: Connectology, Self-Discovery & EQ and Resilience. Girls can opt to take only Connectology, the first 10-week course, or they can enroll in the full CORE course.

In the CORE course, girls enhance their communication skills, increase their understanding of others, grow their capacity for empathy, discover their personal preferences for processing
information and interacting with the world around them, increase their self-confidence, strengthen their ability to manage emotions, and build resilience. While the focus of CORE is the development of social and emotional competencies, learning activities and exercises are designed to promote conceptual, creative and critical thinking.

Learning and growth is facilitated through the introduction of key concepts, prompted reflection, peer-to-peer discussion and learning exercises. Learning coaches promote creative thought while nurturing a respectful and collaborative learning environment.

Girls who successfully complete the one-year CORE course receive a Certificate of Recognition as well as any course credit determined by their respective school.

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