Who We Are

We are a community of girls and learning coaches who are committed to cultivating valuable, relevant skills and igniting our individual growth in mind and heart. We are curious learners, and we aspire to become our fullest and best selves.

Our Core Values

  • We believe every person has a valuable and interesting point of view, and that we better ourselves through understanding others.
  • We respect diversity in individuals and in perspectives and strive to create and maintain an inclusive and supportive learning community.
  • We value thinking in complex ways and believe that increasing our curiosity and sense of wonder will lead to greater meaning and deeper knowledge.
  • We believe in a "growth mindset" and embrace learning as a lifelong pursuit.

What We Do

Think with Heart designs, delivers and facilitates online courses and workshops. Through engagement in the courses, high school girls gain valuable insight from experts in the social sciences, learn relevant skills, practice reflective thinking and writing, and apply new knowledge to "real life" situations.

Think with Heart partners with schools, primarily independent schools, to expand and enrich schools’ course offering to include “life-skill” strengthening learning experiences that are intellectually challenging yet non-traditional. In addition to course delivery, Think with Heart researches and shares valuable resources that promote personal growth and a lifelong journey of social and emotional learning. The course offering and related resources support girls in living connected, meaningful lives.

Our Vision

The vision of Think with Heart is to inspire and empower girls to live fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Our Purpose

The overarching purpose of Think with Heart is to build competencies in areas necessary to thrive in our complex world, to cultivate skills that enhance connections with others, and to promote a lifelong journey of learning of growth in mind and heart. We work towards our purpose through facilitating online courses and providing resources for ongoing learning.

A growing body of research supports the value of “non-IQ” competencies such as empathy, self-awareness, and resilience. And even more notable, there is also ample evidence supporting that such competencies can be developed and strengthened. 

Think with Heart draws from work of leading organizations such as The Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (click here to learn more about Social and Emotional Learning and the work of CASEL), The Charter for Compassion, as well as from research of the flourishing field of Positive Psychology to develop intellectually rich online courses that are relevant to high school girls. 

Expanding our minds. Engaging our hearts.

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